Coaching & Mentoring Program for Personal Development ReverendDrKevin

Coaching & Mentoring Program for Personal Development ReverendDrKevin

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We offer a coaching and mentoring program for those who want and will work for change. I strive to work with my clients and students so that 'our' teamwork will help them achieve their goals and dreams, short and long-term courses and programs are also offered, as well as DIY (do it yourself) or someone who wants a more hands-on approach with daily or weekly guidance and motivation.

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Rev. Dr. Kevin Appleton is an Award-Winning Author of the Coveted Publisher's Award!. He is a Certified Life Coach, Psychologist, Real Estate Investor, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur.
A Black Belt in Kenpo and Tae Kwon Do, his 'mindfulness' outlook and desire to complete goals, he'll give you the tools you need to get out of the "Limbo of Life" to a Path of Happiness and Prosperity.
He has been a pioneer in the positive thought process and offers simple insights to put YOU on a path to KNOW YOU CAN !!

You are at NO!

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Rev. Dr. Kevin Appleton is back with another great book with even more valuable information. Remember back as a child when the word No just meant you needed to ask a few more times? Well, it's back! Realizing that you are already at No before you ask the question will help you see that you might as well ask!

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